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Three Versatile Ingredients Found in Every Kitchen

I was browsing through my pantry cabinets and refrigerator today in search of the right ingredients for a snack. It became clear that I needed to do some shopping. But I’ll save that for another day. Today, I created something out of three ingredients that can be found in almost any professional or home kitchen: peanut butter, bacon and onions. And it was gluten free, which is a plus.




I know that this combination may sound crazy to most of you but my guess is that there’s some licking their lips while they read this.

My first thought when I saw the peanut butter was “well, I can think of a hundred things to do with this.” There are endless combinations out there with peanut butter: peanut butter with jelly, with honey, with bread, with coffee, with desserts, with rice. The uses I’ve seen are endless.

The next ingredient I came across was the bacon. Oh bacon! You really are the most versatile ingredient. If you were ever curious as to why most chefs drool over the slightest mention of bacon, I’ll fill you in. Bacon goes good with everything! Why wouldn’t a chef love an ingredient that can be used in savory and sweet dishes alike? I ask you to think of the first ingredient that comes to mind and picture it with bacon wrapped around it, crumbled on top of it, or even picture it cooked in bacon grease. If you were thinking of something sweet, what about pairing it with candied bacon?

Onions, we’ve all got ’em. They come in all sizes and colors. Here, in Seattle, we have sweet Walla Walla onions (they’re awesome). Think of your favorite dish. Does it have onion in it? Probably. I am an onion fanatic. I use them in so many different dishes in so many different ways. They can be sautéed, grilled, fried, and roasted. A truly caramelized onion develops a sweet flavor and tends to lose that strong onion-y flavor. This is perfect for pairing with something sweeter.

“I Don’t Know What to Call It” Taco:

Peanut butter
Corn tortilla

To begin my experiment, I pan fried a few strips of bacon. I am very generous with crushed black pepper on my bacon. I enjoy a good crunch and the pepper adds that texture without overcooking the bacon.


Once I had the bacon nice and crispy, I let it dry on paper towels. There was still some grease in the pan. Bacon grease is a very versatile thing in itself. You can save it for later use or dispose of it properly.

I simply swiped the pan with a paper towel to get the excess grease off. I used the same pan to caramelize the onions. The flavors from the grease are still in the pan, giving the onions a bacon-like flavor.




When my bacon and onions were finished, I set up the rest. I placed a corn tortilla on a plate and thinly spread peanut butter.


I then added the bacon.


Then the onions, and there it is!

These three versatile ingredients not only go well with just about anything else, but also with each other. I also have to mention that these are gluten free again.